The new IBIKERide website


There is also a much more modern and upgraded Blog service to help return to the ethos of the site to share our trail experiences and random biking thoughts. Blogs can be a whole story to a snippet or just a pic or vid. Blogging comes in all shapes and sizes.

The simpler more crisp design is to appeal to the emotional elements of mountain biking and to make it a warmer experience to hangout in or pop bye. It is also on a new platform to make it future proofed  and more secure. Unlike previous upgrades where we upgraded whilst the website was live we followed best practice this time round and built it on a separate sub domain to fine tune her before she hit the streets. This should minimise inconvenience and bugs. This time as a bit of a personal challenge I did not use a third party and did it myself. Mainly so I could increase my knowledge and retain more control over the outcome.  Still though a thankful apology for all your patience.

Enjoy and please let us know what you like and what you don't.
Our ethos remains the same as when we launched 5 years ago. 
"life is an adventure or nothing at all"