Afan Forest Ask To Keep Off Unfinished Trails

Afan Forest Ask To Keep Off Unfinished Trails stumpy_dan
Written by stumpy_dan     October 23, 2012    
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Information to all riders:

The new sections of trail under construction in the Gyfylchi / Bryn Bettws area are NOT open, the trail surfaces and features are unfinished and susceptible to damage.
A small number of riders are using these unfinished trails and this is causing several issues:

• Safety: This is an active work site with men and machines operating in the area, it is not safe for me

mbers of the public to be in this area.

• Time: The damage done to the trail surface needs frequent repair and this is delaying the finish of the project.

• Cost: All the repairs are delaying the project and incurring extra cost for the contractor.

The initial finish date for the project was mid to late November but this date will have to be set back if this behaviour continues
To see the trals on offer at Afan Forest check out the Afan Forest Mountain Bike centre Trail Listing

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