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Step 1
Firstly as you approach the object (start with something small) have your body perched off the saddle and your weight central to forward. When you are a foot away lean your body forward then back (on your legs) to create a spring to lift your front wheel. Sometimes it helps to pre load (push down) the suspension at the front a bit. As your body weight has shifted back and the front lifts you complete the lift by raising your arms up slightly and in towards you (If you hover over the back brake this can avoid you tipping too far back and over)

Step 2
Move your weight forward pulling hard on the handlebars and down really hard on the pedals. Feel the tyres flatten into the ground this is where the hop bit comes from. As you release up and forwards keep pulling with your arms and move forward with your weight on the pedals. As you start to raise up and forward lift the back wheel with your feet at a slight angle tight into the pedals.

Recommend you break this into two parts for practice… i.e. do step 1 over and over completing with just letting your body come forward and your front wheel down. Then practice step 2 over and over by starting off riding back and up.

A bit of speed helps and try practising with different sizes of obstacles. If you are lifting one wheel then the next your are doing well. Height takes time and comes from the force in the hop and the extend and speed of standing and lifting that back pedal up.

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