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As we kitted, a steady stream of riders arrived, some for the park, others, just wanting to cut out the initial climb to the start of the trails.

This park offers a series of runs that can be completed or small sections just sessioned time and time again. There seems to be a taster of everything; berms, table tops, doubles, step ups, shore, kickers and even a double wall. Quite an eye opener for me really as I've not done any of this sort of riding in a purpose built park, just what I have come across on the trails I have ridden.

We made our way to the top to have a look at the menu. We sessioned a run that started with a tabletop, into a berm, up a double, then round to a bit of shore running off a rock kicker. This was really good fun and I think I did really well on this part.



It continued to a straight off kicker into a drop of about 4foot, into a tight, fast left hand berm, through a gate into a series of tabletops; these were very fast leaving no chance to take a breathe between each one, through another gate, over a double on to the finish. Again we sessioned this, before linking the two parts together and having just an absolute blast!!

We then moved over to the next trail after exhausting the one we just be played on.

This one, with tabletops bigger, four sweeping round in a semi circle, before hitting a long right hand berm, off onto another two tabletops. At this point an option to either push up or continue. Again we sessioned a few times before carrying on into a deep left hand berm to spit you over the fastest of tabletops, down a rock garden kicker, over another two fast tabletops, over a small double to drop into the abyss only to find yet another series of tabletops...yet another right hand berm, over more tabletops and up on to a box, to then drop into the finish...How much fun!!! So much we continued to session the full run until time to leave, still with major grin factor from the whole time we had had in Scotland!

Glentress is such a universal, fun place to's there for all to go and enjoy for whatever you want to get out of a days cycling... Really cannot wait for a return visit to play once more to rediscover and find the bits we missed out as we ran out of time.

Where next....??!

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