Cli-MachX Mountain Bike Trail: Up early on Sunday morning to continue a great weekend. A hasty breakfast was cooked and our bikes checked...I had new handlebars and stem fitted the previous evening to try out for today's ride, so was looking forward in discovering if they made my ride more complete.

The weather seemed ok, although a bit windy... as we were to find out later!!

Wayne hadn't been to the ClimachX before so it was an exciting prospect of finding out if he liked it just as much as us.


We arrived by 9 to the small gravel car park that was empty... no brew-box, no toilet, just an honesty box and the prospect of a great ride.


The climb starts straight away from the car park, fire road that goes up and up. But hey, nowhere near as intense as the previous days ride!!! But again, I was muchly impressed by Mr64's XC endurance, as he pulled away at speed...I was getting to like looking ahead at the trail ;-)

Due to felling, there is a diversion in place until the end of June, which means you end up doubling back on yourself a bit and uses more fire road, but you only miss a small single-track section.

My new bars and stem worked a treat, making my climbs more in control and with more ease.

SIDEWINDER is a lovely single-track section, that gives you the first break from the fire road, still a bit of work required, but fun just the same as it jumps and flows to the next fire road link up. Due to the diversion, this is the backtrack loop we had to do, missing out EASYRIDER. Looking forward to rediscovering in the late summer.

The climb at the moment on the fire road is much longer now because of this but does then give the opportunity to make the final descent early, but being hardened riders and gluttons for punishment, we continued on our quest for adventure and Tom's chance once more to show off



VA-VA-VOOM... is a wicked section of single-track, only short, but so worth doing, fast and flowing, jumps and grins a plently..I love it!!

Bit more fire road, but more enclosed and on the up. Reaching the top of this normally fast descending fire road of the BETTER LATE THAN NEVER section, we found ourselves cycling into winds than I wouldn't even like to make a guess on how strong...but was certainly novel cycling hard downhill!!

One last climb to WHERE'S MY BALL... really short, sharp, rocky section, that my new stem and bars made easier for me to ascend...Tom took ages and Wayne had a few problems...

The last blast to the final descent, I have nearly ended my ride here many a time by being fool hardy and way too eager, but today went as sweet as... all the way to...

The Final Descent... From the top the first part of the descent is a great single track section with the most awesome views if you are brave enough to look... The contour of the track is great for pumping and manueling your way along, few jumps and loads of grin factor, until you reach the rock garden. This requires careful navigation to stay on your stead. And with each time I ride there I have become more apt in negotiating my bike over and up into the forest. The boys were still behind me... All still smiling... with the best bit to come...well after my puncture was fixed. So only a slight delay before the big bit!!!

Check out the video Wayne has posted to see just how awesome the trail is...

There is so much to keep you on your toes and hopefully on your bike, plenty of pumping and manuelling, plenty of opportunity to jump, great twists and turns and a flow that just keeps you right on going... half way down you get a rest bite through a tree lined avenue for about 200metre..enough time to give your legs a rest until the action begins again. Through the EYE OF THE NEEDLE and more ups and downs and round we go!! The trail wasn't a wet as previous times visited, so it made for good riding as glasses stayed clear to focus. The squirrel took us all by surprise, but well held on to enjoy the series of berms near the end of the trail.. round we went, down more rocky single-track until another and another...and more and more!!! The whole descent is just like being on a rollercoaster ride, but far better and with majorly more adrenalin pumping through your veins... up and over and into the last whoosh.....and all over...Aaaahhhh :-(

Back to the now filling up car park...All smiling, all wanting more, but all satisfied in having two very different but brilliant rides over the weekend...

Thanks to Wayne for being such a great bloke and it was so lovely to finally meet you. Can't wait to ride with you again...and thanks to Tom for pushing me on when I whinge about being cold, when he knows I can really do it. What a great way to celebrate my birthday weekend.

Where next........??