• Taff trail family ride

    Park right next to the beautiful Talybont on Usk Reservoir, this is a large car park, which is traffic free and allows you to get everything ready with out the worry of car zooming past. Once you leave the car park head North towards the Dam wall which is situated 1KM away from the parking spot. Cross over the dam taking in the magical wonder of the views as well as the history of the building of the dam.

    After crossing the dam you will head south and the ground under your wheels will be hard pack fire road, this fire road is referred to as the Taff Trail, follow the same trail slowing climbing to 400m. This this point stop and enjoy the magnificent views of the Talybont valley and wonder how easy it was to climb so high. At this point you have 3 choices, descend the road, be warned the road is very steep and some car struggle to climb it, however if there is a need to get out quickly this is an option. Option 2 repeat the route backwards doing exactly what you have just done but in reverse. Our preferred route however is to take the road to your right for 20metres and take the above fire road back towards the head of the dam. The trail is slightly more challenging with regard to terrain and offered to option of making the route a little more challenging if this is what is needed.

    The above fire track with evenly cross over the Taff trail and you will cross over the head of the Dam again and head back your car.
    Start point SO099 196 = Car park
    Distance and grade this is a 19Km, Easy Family ride

    GPS route log courtesy of WyeMTB delivering Mountain Bike Skills, Guiding and Leadership courses

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  • The Gap ride, Class - Brecon

    Route starts behind the White Hart pub on a very steep and punchy 10m climb. From there the route climbs steady to over 500m with some outstanding views of Talybont on Usk Reservoir on your right hand side. At this point you are going to cross over the Bryniau Gleision moor, be prepared this is a very exposed crossing.

    From here you have an exciting 2.5km descent down to Pontsticill reservoir. At this point the route can be shorten by heading towards the Taff trail and back to the start point. if your legs are feeling good head North and back up a Bridleway towards the highest point in the route 599m and the famous Gap, given this name as a saddle between Fan Y big and Cribyn, some of the heights mountains in South Wales.

    Descend from here to Cwmcynwyn where you will be met by very quite country roads and a welcome spin of your legs after climbing over 1200m over the course of the ride.

    The start point: talybont on Usk Stores/cafe, Talybont-on-Usk, Brecon LD3 7YJ

    The length and grading:  34Km - Hard - Proper Mountain biking

    GPS route log courtesy of WyeMTB delivering Mountain Bike Skills, Guiding and Leadership courses

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