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I visit rushmere quite often but generally not if i'm looking for a big ride. The loop that's been set out is not worth following as it only has one or two short sections to bother with. The first is a berm run which you can find near the visitors centre. It is then worth going to the dh runs rather than carrying on. The dh runs are short and not exactly 'downhill' in my opinion, but quite good fun with some good jumps. My favourite trails here are hidden but two in particular would be one that goes slightly downhill meaning you pick up speed the whole way and it is just covered in roots keeping the fun the whle way down. Just stop as you get to the puddle as it gets pretty muddy...the other trail is natural with some good flowy corners and runs quite fast. The last time we visited we built a small drop at the end which added some fun if it is still there! A big drop is hidden away in a bombhole but worth hunting out

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Lots of roots around
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Not a loop
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