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(Updated: November 06, 2014)
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Good Points
The official trail (Scartree) is short, but well armoured for all weathers and has some decent bermed sections to blast through - it's good for beginners and more experienced riders will still get grins out of it if they hammer round. The rest of Wakerley Great Wood has a fair amount of off-piste trails too if you keep your eyes open for them - if you like tight, twisty, wooded singletrack then there's a fair chance you'll enjoy a ride here.
Bad Points
Not much gradient to work with - speed has to come from your legs rather than gravity, and the off-piste trails can be a bit of a lottery in wet weather (the ground is mostly clay-based and turns to slop or thick sticky mud pretty quickly). No real facilities other than a car park (although Fineshades Wood is a 5 minute ride away with a bike shop and cafe).
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