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terrible trail builders ruin decent ride
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Do ride there regularly as the are some good bits of single track if you find some locals to ride with. Again, over the road in fine shade there are some good sections of you can find them. Just don't bother going if you expect the blue route to be up to much.

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Somewhere to go in the winter when the ground is too muddy to do much else and you don't have time to go to Cannock or further. Great for beginners and those that don't like anything testing.
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Used to be a lot better when you had to use some skill to negotiate hazards, roots, holes, puddles, mud etc nice and tight twisting single track. Now all the trails are wide enough to confuse with the high street pavement. Some of the Banked corners are too tight and have no natural flow. Trail feels boring and dead, whomever is responsible for the new trails should not work again.
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November 07, 2014
A lot of the twisty, rooty, muddy singletrack is still there - just no longer part of any official trail. Agree with the comment about the unchallenging nature of the new surface, but it is designed to be for all abilities so can't really complain too much... Also, originally felt similar about the berms, but now I know the route much better there is flow to be found if you work for it.
1 results - showing 1 - 1