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(Updated: June 07, 2015)
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good fun place to visit with the bikes, handy location to get to.

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I have been to Haldon a couple of times recently, the first with my girlfriend and then after work when I am working in Exeter.

The trails are not long about 5 miles for the red, but both are great fun and you can have a good time whatever your ability. When I went with my girlfriend it was the ideal place to help her build confidence on the blue and following on from that she has continued to ride more and more at home.

The red is great fun, reasonably technical and fast. while it is not the longest trail, that did give the option to ride it a few times and see how you improve as you learn the features each time. i managed 4 times round the red and two on the blue along with a disastrous attempt at the black.

The views from the blue and the red offer the best you can fine, on both sides of the hill, it is tricky to keep an eye on the trail when you are being distracted by the amazing scenery.

There is also a great looking skills centre and a pump track by the car park and a good looking cafe for when you get back.
Bad Points
The first time I went i forgot the axle for my front wheel so hired a bike, they are fine for riding the family trails, but beware if you want to use them for much else, the brakes on the bike I used were close to non existent, which made for interesting cornering.

If you are happy with shorter tails which can be ridden a couple of times, and are not looking for the most technical trails then this is a great venue to visit.
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