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Overall great riding, pushup is hard work but not too bad, mostly great people just a shame about the few that think the place belongs to them and lesser riders should stick to queen elizabeth.

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Fun trails are a credit to the builders and could be really very good despite the ice-like chalk in the wet
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Can be bit scary for lesser experienced riders but its all roll-able..... but there in lies a problem. I have ridden since i could walk but only recently getting into this kind of trails, i was beggining to enjoy this place as i added it into my usual circuit but i wont be riding there again as i will explain. The guys who build and ride there are generally great guys as long as you are skilled on a dh bike. If you are not on a 4k downhill rig and clear every jump first time everytime then the sniggering can be heared through the trees. I know a lot of people are put off riding there for this reason. If you are reading this guys a word of advice..... perhaps the offer of help and advice to newbies instead of 'bloody hell he's crap' may result in a few more offers of help come dig day. Just a thought.

The only time i ride there now is when i know it will be quiet and i can practice at my own pace without being made to feel like im not good enough for the place.

The only other bit of advice is that as its mostly chalk surface it can be very very slippery in the wet.
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