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(Updated: August 20, 2015)
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Had a great couple of hours for the first time at Rogate on the way back from Portsmouth to London. It was mid week and quite early in the day so it was quiet. The few locals around were really helpful and gave great tips. What really surprised me is the day and night before the heavens had opened in biblical style yet it felt really firm and grippy.

I started on the one dot and moved onto the two dots of trails mainly on the lower half (did a couple of runs on upper half which is woodier and also fun). Most of the time was on the Main Line with a bit on the DD trails. The Main line is an awesome track as it has drops, jumps, tables and berms and the bigger drops are optional making the line quite progressive. Really fun to session.

Fun day and as I pass this place at least four or five times a year I will definitely be back soon.

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Good Points
- Good for all abilities (uses Orange dot) system
- Rides really well in the wet.
- Friendly local riders
- Push up is not too long.
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- No faciliites
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