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Excellent innercity trails
(Updated: October 02, 2016)
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In response to a couple of other posters, my ratings are rating it for what it is (an urban biking centre) and are not done in comparison to proper trail centres.I'm a regular mountain biker. Ride in the Lakes, North Wales, Peaks, as well as trail centres such as Llandegla, Coed y Brenin, Gisburn etc. Given what they have to work with, this is an excellent little set of trails. They make great use of what little elevation they have and the reds and blacks/orange have enough going on that you need to think and have your wits about you. Probably not worth travelling to in the way that you would travel to one of the big trail centres, but for something that is local and easily accessible for Mancunians these are excellent. I've ridden here maybe 20 times and only once had any kind of issue with potential "trouble" and in fairness that was just a bunch of youth hanging out and not (as far as I saw anyway) actually causing any bother. If you turn up expecting a Gisburn or a Llandegla you're probably going to be disappointed. If however you rock up looking for a fun and relatively skills demanding set of trails (particularly if ridden at speed) that you can zip around on your lunchbreak, or after work, then you'll be happy with what you find. 

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Good Points
Fast, flowy, fun trails, with enough technical bits to keep all but the most proficient mountain bikers interested.
Real climbs, it's a good old workout
Nice skills area to practice/play
Short red/orange/black bits have enough of the consequence factor to keep me interested anyway
Easy to get to from Manchester city centre
Next to Cycling centre so secure(ish) parking and facilities on hand (incl a bikeshop)
Bad Points
Not many really, other than its not a full blown trail centre in the mountains (duh!)
Maybe that it is in a somewhat dodgy area of Manchester, but I've never had an issue and never heard of one through mates who ride there or the local biking forums that I spend too much of my time on..
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