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If you're driving more than hour then go to Dartmoor if the weather's good. Great facilities. The tracks may not be that extreme at first glance but if you give it some stick the consequences of coming off are are pretty harsh as there are plenty of rocks and stumps everywhere so don't get lulled into a sense of security.

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The tracks hold up in all conditions so you can get some miles in regardless of the weather, good cake in cafe, the trails reward speed if you want to push it, good bacon sarnies, you can string lots of the tracks together and have a good day out, awesome views - including loads of huge buzzards and deer in the forest. The swoopy bit before the start of the black run - nice and quick. Rangers really helpful and friendly.
Bad Points
The sections aren't long enough (both up and down) to really get going. Dartmoor isn't far away so it's competing with 'proper' riding (still ride there a couple of times a month though as live 5 mins away). Idiotic dog walkers and runners going the wrong way round the red run (despite the really clear 'no entry' signs).
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