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If you want a great day out in the open air cycling, walking, picnicking go to Bedgebury, you won't be disappointed. And if you want to get more involved and give something back join the club (BFCC) you get great benefits and the proportion of money for the car parking from your subscription goes back into trail maintenance!

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I love Bedgebury and every time I ride there which is usually once and sometimes twice a week it's different every time. The single track is well maintained and varied and every year another trail is being developed by the Boars and this is done voluntarily too. A lot of thought and dedication has clearly been put into this and it's always a pleasure to ride there. The Boars are amazing as they put on a race series, a Junior club with two levels, adult coaching, numerous events like a weekend of trail building with free camping and numerous outrides throughout the year.
Bad Points
Not many bad points really. People moan about the grading of the trails and that's there's not many black/advanced trails, but if you look at the geography of the area it's clear that you can't make extreme gradients where it's not possible, if you want mountains go to Wales or Scotland. It used to get very muddy in the Winter but not so now as most of the trails are now all weather and a very small proportion gets really bad now.
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