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Excellent small scale trails, provided for free.
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I would like to see a community that looks after the trails as well as rides them.

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This is an amazing set of local trails in a city environment. The place has been built with real skill to offer loads of great trail fun in a small plot of land which is shared with general public. They've done a fantastic job of squeezing so much in - and this is for free!
I hope it inspires some local kids to get into mountain biking and develop the health benefits and responsibility to the environment that goes with it.
Bad Points
Because of its location, it is prone to being used for dumping rubbish (at one entrance at least) and I get the impression that people feel the maintenance of the trail is all down to Eastlands Trust or whoever runs the Velodrome. It would be nice if people could realise that it's also their responsibility to lool after it and as much as you don't want to clean up after other people, it would be better than letting litter become a problem.
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