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Great for Expert Downhiller and Dirt Jumper (not sure about the rest of us though)
(Updated: December 23, 2014)
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If you are seriously into Dirt Jumps and Downhill then PORC has it. The downhills are short but packed full of features from steps to steep rooty sections to gaps and drops of all sizes. Dirt Jumps are not my bag but saw some pretty cool skills. Needs a level of progression added though especially on downhill i.e. some entry level trails as well as a technical grading system as easy to get caught out beyond your ability. I wonder if it has got more technical over the years to satisfy the community that has grown with it. I came on my 4X which is not the best for Downhill but I was hoping to find the 4X track. I hadn't realised the 4X had been shut down which is such a shame.

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Good Points
-Diversity from Downhill, Dirt Jumps and XC
-Really friendly and welcoming community
Bad Points
-I don't really find it progressive. Be it the jumps or the downhill runs there is no real entry level (or mid level) tracks. It all feels 3 dots orange or black to double black diamond. If you were a very confident intermediate rider or an expert rider you could easily develop pro skills here but as beginner / moderate level rider I think you would be put off. Hence maybe counter intuitive too many but I gave it a low skills score. I have not ridden the XC as yet.
- Easy to get lost on the lines and end up facing a huge technical feature un-expectantly.
- Runs aren't marked with ability. Needs an orange dot system.
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