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Gisburn Forest - Simply MTB Heaven
(Updated: November 04, 2014)
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This definitely now goes into one of my top ten. The route is clearly cared for and well managed so respect to the Gisburn Trail Builders, the PMBA and all the volunteers.

I started at the Dog and Partidge by the bike shop and rode up the fireroad to the trail head start. I got distracted by the Hope Line which is a downhill track. Found my way to the top and did it again. Flowing berms, jumps, tabletops, drops and all very pump style. A piece of pure MTB beauty.

The 8 (Red) trail has put focus into making the up's as interesting as the downs. You have flowing singletrack (and lots of it) and then there is rock laden, root laden ups and downs all over. The forest feel adds to the thrill and some sections are so dark it is reminiscent of Spooky Wood.

The use of wood and shore is brill. There is lots and all pretty do-able, yet progressive options exist. The blacks take it up a gear (I only did a few on route) but they are awesome and add that extra bite. Hulley Gulley which was quite washed out deserves it's fame.

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- A real red
- Hulley gulley
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- Descents are short
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