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Lovin' it.
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Love it - going to make even more use of it this year.

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Awesome variety of tracks. I'm glad all abilities are made so welcome since I'm an oldie just starting out really but I get huge smiles out of doing those tracks I can on my hardtail - this year hopefully sees me finally getting my DH bike sorted and I will definitely be taking advantage of some of the booked training sessions put on at the tracks to be able to then take on the more technical stuff that I can't do just yet. A fantastic day out whether you are riding it or coming along for the occasional race events that attract some real talent. Absolutely brilliant to see the amount of mixing that goes on at the race events and normal day rides - all ages from young to 'vintage' and male and female. Hats off & real big thanks to the guys who give up their time to keep the tracks in good nick with a continuation of new tracks coming through (me and my kids love the new pump track!). Definitely recommend.
Bad Points
None that I can think of really although it ticks me off that there are a few plonkers who need to take their rubbish home instead of leaving it to the locals to do. HSD track ok for confidant starters but I need to work out if there is something more intermediate at Gawton or to stick with Tavi Woodlands where there is probably a more even mix. Last, the price is so ridiculously good, can there really still be any cheetin tight-wads who aren't paying properly for entrance ?
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