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Good Points
Great for kids starting out, nice forest.
I see a lot of people moan about the parking prices. But ask yourself this, where else are you going to have a day out for less that what it costs to park? If you go to the cinema as a family your looking at £70+ to sit in for an hour and a half stuffing your face with a £10 pick n mix. So for me £10 parking for a family day out in the forest is very reasonable
Bad Points
Red trail is very deceiving, compare it to trails up and down the country you would grad it Blue, Swinley Blue is more challenging than Thetfords red. It’s ok for a poodle around. A lot of pedestrians on the trails, that’s fine you get that sometimes. But here more than anywhere else. Some sections have not been thought out very well, it’s poorly signed. For a family this is a decent trail for introducing kids, I went with my nephews who usually just ride scooters and they found these trails easy and enjoyed them. So thumbs up for that. But if you want something with a bit more about it, travel further afield. If your used to riding proper red and black trails, and expect to ride a red at Thetford you will be dispointed
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