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Lady Cannings - a trail for all
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Lady Cannings Trail - progressive and great for skills development

Lady Cannings is a great way for riders of all abilities (and ages) to experience what it must be like flying through the Endor forest on a speeder bike, (Star Wars - Return of the Jedi reference). There are two tracks, each one giving riders a different experience. The original and more established 'Blue Steel' offers tight turns and a rolling track that flows through the trees. If your a newer rider, take it at a steady speed to start then get quicker each run, and opportunities to get airborne become apparent. The short switch back climb back up to the main access track back to the top can be a sting in the tail if your not prepared, look round those corners and don't loose momentum!

Riding back up to the main forestry road puts you back at the trail head(s) again. On your second run take the newer 'Cooking on Gas' trail. This is a longer trail and was opened a couple of years ago. There are natural breaks in the run down as the forestry fire roads intersect. This isn't a bad thing, in fact it enhances the experience, with the different sections offering an opportunity to focus on a different skill set. I run a local MTB coaching company, Trail Advantage, and Cannings features in our courses to develop cornering on berms and flow, before we head out onto the adjacent Houndkirk Moor. New riders will benefit from multiple runs down this track as it has so much to offer in terms of skills progression. So either stash some sarnies at the top of the trail and session away to build skills, or include Cannings as part of a bigger ride exploring the great riding in Eastern Moors and beyond.

I ride both trails regularly with my son (10 years old) and it brings another element of enjoyment as i follow him down watching his confidence grow. Cooking on Gas is a good one to do with kids who are getting into the sport. its wider and flowier than Blue steel, and sight lines between the trees are good for following parents, so you can let your young un go for it.

Finish off at the Norfolk Arms for a celebratory Pint and good food also keep up to date with developments at . The cannings trails were built thanks largely to crowd funding and Ride Sheffield are currently building some new trails over the hill at Redmires. So if you fancy donating then you can via the web site.
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