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You can park at Lady Cannings, or across the road from the pub round the corner which is a great place to stop by after a ride and get a drink or a bite to eat.

Good fun, and a great location to enjoy a longer ride in the Peaks if you fancy a big day out.

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I started and ended a loop round the Peaks with a few runs on the trails at Lady Cannings, and it made for a great way to enjoy the ride.

The trails are good fun and put a massive grin on your face, they are not too technical but are as challenging as you choose to make them with features you can approach as to suit your skills.

I was a bit more composed at the start than at the end of the ride, but loved every minute of it.

the ride back to the start is not hard either so it is great to do a number of runs.

Bad Points
There could be a few bigger more technical options included in the future as a way to encourage progression.
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