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(Updated: January 14, 2018)
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I went down with a friend in early January to check out the scene. It had been on my bucket list since re-opening but also given it had taken the crown for Trail of the Year it had to be checked out. We did the one and two dot options (my mate did 3 dot also) and we also watched in awe some of the Freeride sections which has big jumps and ladder drops.

Overall this is a top notch really progressive bike park with a mixture of smooth flow lines with jumps and berms galore, more old Skool rooty and techie descents and trails up to pro ride level with ladder drops and massive jumps. The community is clearly vibrant and friendly and there is a good vibe about the place.

I would call out there are minimal facilities and it is a bit of a short ride from the car park. Also there is no uplift, but the push up is only around 8-10 mins. The descent also seems a lot longer than the shortish push up would imply so that is credit to the trail design ie a lot of trail for a short push up if that makes sense. Reminded me a bit of Aston hill just a bit more flow.

The trail quality wasn’t too bad given it had been pouring down with rain the days before but still a little muddy.

The final section of empuru is a mud bath though and so quite sketchy and really in need of some decent drainage sorted.

Overall an awesome progressive Downhill bike work for all abilities from beginner to pro.

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Good Points
- good community vibe
- progressive trails
- runs okish in the wet
- push up not too harsh
Bad Points
- no uplift
- few facilities
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