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Best UK trail centre...really???
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I came here because MBUK and MBR both raved about how great it was here. I'm going to be really dubious next time I read one of there reviews.

I prefer a ride where i get some elevation and can then descend for at least a couple of minutes - no such luck here. In fact it's an incredibly pedally trail centre.
What was interesting is that me and my brother rode Cwmcarn Twrch trail in the morning and came here in the afternoon under the impression that we were saving the best till last. Not so.
I loved Cwmcarn. admittedly not the most remote place in the world but you still get a feeling that you are out in the country. you climb for over an hour to be rewarded with some excellent views and then descend via fast and flowy singletrack. I will be back here but I will never return to FOD. Not worth it tbh.
I'd imagine it's great for beginners and people who hate climbing (although this is false economy because you end up pedalling a lot more than anywhere with a big climb.)
Definitely feels more like a day out if you head to nearby Cwmcarn or Afan.

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Ah the convenience of Trail centres...
trails are all located a short distance away from the centre and you never feel far away from civilisation (which is both good and bad).
facilities and food are good in the main.
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Flat (no elevation)
etc. (see comments)
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