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Fast, flowy and FUN downhill trails
(Updated: October 02, 2016)
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I have only ever ridden Bringewood's downhill track. I'd like to say I would try the XC trail soon too, but I know that if I am anywhere near there it is the downhill bike that would be coming with me, because these tracks are too fun to miss!

There are a variety of tracks available as you make your way down the hill. Starting from the top there are three options as you start off: Two go in pretty much the same direction and merge not far down the track, but the other goes off in the opposite direction and offers a somewhat steeper and sketchier descent.

The main line down through the forest is comprised of some neat little berms, that over time have become deeper cut and more tricky. But that by no means compromises the quality of the track. Instead it feels more of an achievement to get your head around these deep ruts and find the speed to whizz through the sets of berms and jumps to get to the fire road half way down, including the bomb hole!

Crossing the road also presents two possible tracks. Going left leads you over a set of doubles and into a hard right before flying into the woods for a technical but fast ride. My favourite is going right after crossing the road, which curves around some rooty bends before shooting over two table tops into the woods, and into perhaps the sketchiest but most thrilling part of Bringewood (in my opinion)!

The final sections of Bringewood are very similar, and all lead down slightly steeper than any other part of the track towards a set of steps before a rather long table top!

Bringewood is the place to go if you are after speed, thrills and spills. There is nothing better than this track on a dry sunny day when you can really get the dust to fly!!!

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Tracks are rideable for any ability, and offer a good variety of technical and open track to appeal to each individual rider.
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There are no facilities at the downhill tracks (unless it is a race weekend in which case Pearce make sure you are well looked after)!
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