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i absolutely love this place it is around 40 miles from from where i live and i still try to get here most sundays ;)
the races are mostly monthly and its vary rare to see less than 100 riders on the day.
there is alot of variety of trails from big flat out senders to tight twisty wooded sections.
the jumps and trails are built really well (mike joseph) and are regularly maintained.
most race days there are a new or improved line keeping things interesting :)
plus for under sixteen the price is unbeatable.

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its worth walking the tracks first time(watch out for mad wobblers behind you though) because big jumps and drops can creep up on you if your unaware.
near the end of the trails it starts to flatten out and can become boggy.
runs are usually sub 1 minuet.
water drainage can become a problem with alot of rain.
its around a 15 minuet cycle from penshurst train station and is all up hill on the way back so on a full downhill rig with wet screams after a whole day riding well it begins to take its toll ahah. but worth it none the less :D
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