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Best South East Bike Park with an Uplift,Bike Shop,Hot Food&Drinks and bike wash facilities on site.
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Good Points
Versatility, superb Dirt Jumps (wow, that's so inspirational looking at the regulars doing flips, whips, corks etc.), 4X with Schwalbe British 4X Series holding one of their rounds here for many years now, 7 dedicated and maintained DH runs for riders of all age and skill (chicken runs around big features) with an Uplift (£5 for five runs and you can use them anytime, not only on the day of purchase!) and even CycloCross events so XC as welcomed as everybody else.
Hot Food and Drinks being a Big Plus! Toilets and Free Bike Wash facilities, they are building a proper restaurant now too!
Amazing atmosphere and the vibe created by friendly locals and regulars, always someone on the site to help, direct or advise making PORC extremely progressive and leaving everyone with a smile and feel of accomplishment.
Recently I've read on PinkBike about the first all year Bike Park somewhere in America...well it is the second one as the first one is here in Kent! PORC is rideable all year long!
Bad Points
Some complain about the tracks being short - just a reminder - we are not in Whistler or the Alps, not even in the mountains, this is KENT at its best!
One of the reviews says the trails are too bike parky - this is a bike park first of all, secondly he clearly haven't ridden all of them to make such a bold statement.
The only bad point I can think of is that there is couple of spots where it's getting a bit soggy and greasy after a lot of rain but hey! This is England right?!
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April 04, 2016
just to correct. Cyclocross and XC are two very different disciplines! :)
Joseph Ó Ruagáin
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