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PORC is a clear 10 out of 10
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I will post a video to show the quality of PORC Bike park. Definately a place that should be in contentions of being the producers of the best trails in the UK.

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I have grown up to be close with the mountain biking community around PORC. Over the past few years I haven't had any issues with anything, the trails are phenomenal, the service is fantastic and the races the Mike Joseph hosts, I feel are some of the best in to country. It has developed into a place for all variations of riding, from cyclocross to downhill mountain biking, 4x and dirt jumping. Everything is continuously being developed to keep the trails maintained and new features to be installed. My media has greatly benefited from this venue, as it's where I film and ride the most, purely because it is such a fun place to ride, and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly.
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Some of the old trails are overgrown however these were never ridden much anyway, compared to the more recent, flowy freeridey trails.
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