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Excellent trail with much for all
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Extremely happy to have this trail locally - so glad I found it!
The MB Swindon guys do a fantastic job maintaining it and making it fit for all weather and the design and features they have managed to cram in to what is actually a small space, are a real credit to them.
There are no toilets or food on site, but it is just one trail, rather than a bike park. There are nearby pubs though, so all is not lost after a good ride.

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Good Points
Excellent quality trail in handy location.
Brilliant fun with repeated yelps of delight in places - even after repeated riding.
Lots of variety in obstacles and features.
Free parking right next to the trail.
All year round surface.
Bad Points
There are no onsite facilities beyond parking - so no toilets, food or spares available on site.
It might be a bit short for some riders, although there is so much packed in that doing many laps doesn't feel repetitive and you can mix up different obstacles on different laps.
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