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Glentress Plans – More Positive Details Published?
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   August 13, 2017   382   0   2   1   0
At last some detailed (good) news from the Forest Enterprise Scotland on the Glentress plans has come in. In July when the news of the £11.3 million project was first announced we were told 56 secluded luxury eco-cabins would be built, we would lose the iconic freeride area at...
Seriously? E-Bikes for kids!
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   August 08, 2017   276   0   1   0   0
Today I read an article on E-Bikes for kids. I thought it must be an early April Fool days' post. To me, it reads as a cynical way for the bike manufacturers to sell more kit. They imply it isn't to replace normal bikes but just to be used...
Views needed for future of Tweed Valley forests (i.e. Glentress, Innerliethen)
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   August 06, 2017   135   0   1   0   0
Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) is seeking views from stakeholders and members of the public on the future management of the seven key forests that make up the Tweed Valley Forest Park (includes Glentress, Innerleithen etc)
Money makes the wheels go round
KofthePKoftheP   August 06, 2017   71   0   1   0   0
How much did you spend to buy your bike? £1000? £2000? £3000? More? Fair enough, you might have bought it second hand and so this question won’t apply to you, but there are thousands of riders out there who take advantage of the various deals available or simply save...
The Advocacy Files – a celebration of effort
KofthePKoftheP   August 06, 2017   80   0   1   1   0
There’s some really, really excellent work being done by the mountain biking community right now. From crown jewel projects like Ride Sheffield’s trails in Lady Canning's plantation to more subtle activity like Peak District MTB’s ongoing dialogue with Severn Trent Water; across the region, a small number of dedicated...
Adblock Detected- Please switch it off, so we stay open
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   August 04, 2017   114   0   1   0   0
Due to the increasing use of ad blockers revenues have recently tipped us from being a 'break even' labour of love to a loss making site. This is not sustainable.
Exercising Outdoors: How To Handle Worst-Case Scenarios
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   August 03, 2017   171   0   1   0   0
Daily exercise is necessary for everyone in order to stay healthy, but it comes with its drawbacks, as well; if not done properly, physical injury can occur, and the risk is intensified if you choose to workout outdoors, where there are many hidden dangers in the form of wild...
527 results - showing 1 - 10  
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