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Wind Hill B1kepark New Red "Empuru" Opens
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   June 17, 2017   983   0   1   0   0
Wind Hill B1kePark today opened a new red trail called Empuru. 
BikePark Wales introduced E-bike premium pricing and then came a lot of fuss over nothing
iBikeRideiBikeRide   June 17, 2017   1224   0   1   0   0
BikePark Wales have introduced E-bike specific day passes from the 1st June. At which point the MTB social media frenzy began. To be honest I have held back writing anything and jumping on the bandwagon of slamming BPW as I think what they have done is brave and makes...
Defining the future of Innerleithen
iBikeRideiBikeRide   June 17, 2017   384   0   1   0   0
DMBinS are holding a public consultation to define the future of Innerleithen. We last wrote about Innerleithen in March 2016 when unfortunately the public agencies in the Tweed Valley had decided not to finance the uplift proposal at Innerleithen. This was a project the AIMup team have been the...
Terry's Belly re-opens at BikePark Wales
iBikeRideiBikeRide   June 17, 2017   347   0   1   0   0
The major revamp of Terry's Belly is complete. It has had more than 150,000 runs since opening 2 years ago so it was time for some love. The trail crew have done an ace job shifting over 400 tonnes of surfacing to make it the perfect flow trail. They...
Introducing the Advanced Trail Search
iBikeRideiBikeRide   June 11, 2017   107   1   1   0   0
A little video introducing some neat new trail search features to help plan that perfect trip:
Glentress opens Mild Peril, a new twisty, tight, red descent
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   June 10, 2017   505   0   1   0   0
Glentress Forest has just opened a new 298-metre red MTB descent called Mild Peril. As the video shows it's twisty, tight and lots of fun. It has come about due to some awesome collaboration between the Glentree Trailfairies, Tweedlove, the local riding community and Forest Enterprise Scotland. This looks...
The Longford Park Mini BMX and Pump Track funding search begins
stumpy_danstumpy_dan   June 10, 2017   545   0   3   1   0
Manchester is already quite the hub for all things cycling and BMX and pump tracks are no exceptions. Longford BMX is a local community group working to build a Mini BMX Track (Pump track style) within the grounds of Longford Park, South Manchester. The Greater Manchester area...
499 results - showing 1 - 10  
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