Beginners Guide

Beginners mountain biking

The beginners guide to mountain biking. Here you will find:

  • Explanations on the different disciplines of mountain biking.
  • Advice on places to ride.
  • How to choose the right bike.
  • Where to find riders to ride with .
  • What to prepare for your  first few rides.

You can also ask any question to our friendly community of new and experienced riders. Big welcome to iBikeRide and mountain biking.

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The iBikeRide UK Trail and Bike Park Index exists to help riders find the top mountain bike trails in the UK. The index is based solely on rider reviews.
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The different mountain biking disciplines and bikes explained
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The great thing about mountain biking is it offers loads of choice. This guide explains simply these different disciplines, the types of trails and the bikes and kit used for each.
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Naming and explaining the different parts of a mountain bike
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This article shows what each of the parts of a mountain bike are called and gives a short simple explanation for a selection of these.
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The Mountain Bike Dictionary / Glossary
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This is a handy glossary /dictionary of all terms mountain biking that will come your way as you start out. It's not an exhaustive list. All communities all over the world have their own language that connects them. This is ours. (feel free to comment on ones not filled...
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Mountain biking is more than a sport it is a way of life...
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iBikeRide is about sharing and tries to represent the ethos of mountain biking. So here are some thoughts and principles that explains a bit of the fundamental of the philosophy of mountain biking and the riders that love the trails.
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General Riding Tips
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Author: Formica How about some general riding tips? OK...I'm not expert but these work for me. I've been really fortunate to have some great riding pals who are awesome mentors and teachers, and to have attended some skills camps with really...
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Pack The Right Gear
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Professional Team Mata racer Pua Sawicki talks us through the essential things to pack on a trail ride.
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Five top tips for choosing a new mountain bike
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Five tips on choosing your next mountain bike: 1) Ride her Be wary of reading too much into reviews. You are Unique. All reviews are about that rider who tested the bike, not specifically you. Bear in mind the...
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Getting Your  Bike Ready
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Checking your bike set up is an useful discipline before a ride. It saves you stopping on the trails and holding the group up plus your more likely to have the tools at home than out with you. In...
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Finding The Right Mountain Bike Trail For You
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Mountain bike trails in the UK are growing in number as the popularity of the sport increases. Today as the sport has matured (it’s been around over 30 years now) there are literally hundreds of dedicated mountain bike trail centres across all of Scotland, England and Wales. There is...
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