2017 plans for the Forest of Dean - Get involved

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I Updated January 15, 2017
2017 plans for the Forest of Dean - Get involved

The Dean Trail Volunteers are the reason why the Forest of Dean is the awesome place it is and why it came 2nd in England and 8th in the UK Trail of the Year awards. They have recently published their plans for the year ahead and there is some brilliant stuff ahead. Have a read and if you are local then we encourage you to get involved, volunteer and help them achieve this and more.

Over the next 12 Months the Dean Trail Volunteers hope (there is only 6 of them) to:

  • Have a Skills Area + Pump Track built
  • Build individual top sections from the Start Mound to GBU (this will be the current top run but modified)
  • Corkscrew (already scratched in)
  • Ski Run (a line of tabletops)
  • Launchpad (half built already)
  • They will also hope to scratch new top sections to Mr Rooty & Endo
  • They are also looking to design something New to replace the now unused OC line between GBU and Endo
  • GBU should finally get the rollers to pump through the current pedally section before the road gap
  • They  wouldalso  love to develop some really challenging DH runs at the Worcester Lodge End of the valley but they need keen volunteer DH riders to get it done
  • Freeminers will get a link into the 10 mile XC Enduro route 
  • And of course lots of general maintenance and anything else that they think of along the way.

For those that can't volunteer for whatever reason don't forget they have a donation box in Pedalabikeaway by the till and a Paypal button on their website, also you could donate any useable bike bits that they can sell on race days. This is also a chance for you to come and ask any questions you may have about volunteering or just thank them for their hard graft and insane devotion.

Also whilst you are here please check out the Forest of Dean listing on the site and if you have ridden it then why not leave it a review or add some pics or videos to the listing. Thanks


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Work has begun on site on the new #pumptrack and #skillsarea
Pedalbikeaway will keep us updated with progress and are hoping to have it all ready to ride before the Easter Holidays!
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