Money makes the wheels go round

Money makes the wheels go round

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Money makes the wheels go round

How much did you spend to buy your bike? £1000? £2000? £3000? More? Fair enough, you might have bought it second hand and so this question won’t apply to you, but there are thousands of riders out there who take advantage of the various deals available or simply save up to buy new.

When you think about it, spending that amount of money on something that when you were a kid you’d happily drop on the floor in a pile outside the sweet shop is crazy – but you know how it goes, when you love something, you cherish and value it. You’ll spend the money on it. And that’s no bad thing.

But do we apply that to where we ride? Can we all really claim that we cherish and value the paths we ride on? Even more so, would you spend money on them? Aside from doing the KoftheP thing, buying a few t-shirts, chipping in some crowd-funding and having been along to a few trail days I can’t claim to be a shining beacon of trail heroism, but it’s something.

Time’s always the challenge for me – family, work, life – balancing them all means that when I do get some ‘biking’ time I’m going to dedicate it to riding rather than trail maintenance. I dare say that I’m not the only one who has that dilemma.

So what can we do about it? And why do I care how much your bike costs?

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