Big plans ahead for the Pendle BMX and Pump track

I Updated February 03, 2018
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Big plans ahead for the Pendle BMX and Pump track

In July 2015 iBikeRide spoke to Manny Bashah from the Pendle BMX/Pump Track community. These volunteers had kicked off a project to see their local track in Pendle, Barrowford in Lancashire (which has not really used for 5 years) redesigned and rebuilt into a top facility to serve the whole community. Well, the great news is that 2.5 years on the build is about to commence in late February, then we are looking at just approx 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

The nearest alternative BMX track of facility to Pendle is around 30 miles away so the latent demand is significant. As well as bringing more people into the sport the project will really benefit the current BMX community who are currently traveling far and wide.

Manny shared with us the history of the track and the current project. Interestingly it was built approximately 6 years ago and due to various reasons wasn’t really suitable for the purpose it was built for.  Manny approached the council last year to see if they would help to refurbish it or even start again as the kids and other people weren’t using it. The track was often waterlogged, the surface wasn’t hardwearing and before long it had all but washed away leaving bricks and other features sticking out.

The council agreed to come and have a look so a meeting was scheduled and a group of people from the council, parish councillors, Manny and a track builder met at the track. Next Manny got a Facebook page up and running. He created an online poll asking how many people would use such a facility and within 24 hours there were 250 replies. 97% of which said they would definitely use it. So there was now clearly strong justification to build it and move ahead with the project.

Dirtworks BMX (professional track builders) got involved and working with the team drew up an initial design. The plan is for a 2 loop circuit with, an inner pump track loop, and an outer jump loop. All with berms, rollers, tabletops, doubles step ups and step downs. Built to be progressive and suitable for all levels of ability. 

You can keep up with the developments over at the Pendle BMX / Pump Track Facebook page

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