BikePark Cornwall - Now there's an idea!

I Updated December 03, 2016
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BikePark Cornwall - Now there's an idea!

BikePark Cornwall is a new project in its early stages and as the name suggests it's aim is to build a bike park in Cornwall (similar in concept to BikePark Wales with blue, red, black and pro downhill lines). 

The project has a website and a Facebook page and are currently running a public consultation via survey monkey. Do go check it out and fill in the survey.

Bikepark Cornwall is currently in its early development stage. Their immediate priorities are threefold: 

1 - Developing a concept plan to support funding applications.

2 - Working with landowners & local authorities to establish the best possible location.

3 - Collating an evidence base that shows demand exists for this type of facility. They need to prove that a sustainable business can be built that offers jobs and other benefits to the people of Cornwall.

Cornwall over the last few years has seen some great investment and development with the launch of Cardinham and Lanhydrock and a BikePark would be a great addition. 

iBikeRide wish the BikePark Cornwall team the best of luck.

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Moving forward
We've spotted that are good friends from Firecrest are involved in speaking to the council about moving forward Bike Park Cornwall
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