Coed Trallwm Mountain Bike Trail Closes

S Updated January 14, 2018
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Coed Trallwm Mountain Bike Trail Closes

Coed Trallwm Mountain bike trail has unfortunately permanently closed.

Coed Trallwm Mountain bike Trail was opened in 2002 as a way to provide an additional income to the forestry and holiday cottage businesses at Trallwm. It was only the second (1st private sector) purpose built trail centre in Wales. But despite many favourable reviews, it struggled to compete with the newer, better funded Forestry Commission trail centres which sprang up in other parts of Wales. Though the limited number of visitors appeared to enjoy their experience numbers were not sufficient to be sustainable and in 2015 we decided to close the café which is now part of the Trallwm Forest Cottages holiday accommodation.

In 2015 with the absorption of Forestry Commission (Wales) into NRW and the closure of the Better Woodlands for Wales (BWW) grant scheme, they lost any trail maintenance funding as well as our forest restocking grant. The combined effect of this has meant that we can no longer afford to pay for trail maintenance from timber sales alone. Income from the carpark pay-and-display machine has dwindled in part due to the reluctance of the users to pay and also to the conversion cost for the new £1.00 coin being unaffordable.

Reluctantly they are now closing the trails and carpark to the public. iBikeRide wish the owners all the best and thank them for their contribution to the MTB scene over the years. 

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