Dirt Factory - Coming Soon! An Indoor MTB Park in Greater Manchester

S Updated December 21, 2016
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Dirt Factory - Coming Soon! An Indoor MTB Park in Greater Manchester
Dirt Factory

Dirt Factory is an exciting new plan for an Indoor MTB Park in Manchester.  IBIKERide spoke to the key guy behind this project Daniel Makin to get the low down on the plans and see how the MTB community can get involved. 

Indoor Bike Parks are ace. They represent year round mtbing,  evening riding at the drop of a hat, fun community events and competitions and a safe accessible environment for newbies to enter our sport.   

Models like this are common in other countries (check out Burlington Bike Park and  Rays Bike Park in the US and dream a little) and we have been waiting for someone to break the mould in the UK and spearhead this concept for us wind worn, short evening, ride hungry Brits. Dirt factory look like they will be the ones and they have 100% support from IBIKERide.  

So what is this Dirt Factory thing all about then?

Our aim is to provide the first UK indoor mountain bike centre that oozes fun, progression, professionalism and friendliness. Dirt Factory will provide riders with a safe, fun and inspiring indoor bike facility that will improve their bike skills, health and well- being and by doing so, help provide a sustainable future for the sport, local community and wider society.

Where will folk find this neat venue?

Dirt Factory will be a unique indoor public recreation centre in the heart of Greater Manchester? 

Who is this bike park for?

The plan is simple – to transform a large, empty venue into an exciting hub for a range of users of all abilities, primarily mountain bikers and BMXers. Dirt Factory will utilise real dirt to construct a number of exciting trails that will provide users with a fun and rewarding experience whilst improving their bike skills and staying fit.

So where are you now with the project?

Over the past two years the Dirt Factory team have worked hard to bring this concept to life. We have fully researched and developed a sustainable business plan that includes a number of innovative business development opportunities. Myself and the Dirt Factory team have also brought together like-minded partners and secured a lease for an empty 86,500 square feet warehouse - subject to us securing funding. Along the way over 2,000 people have pledged their support via Facebook and over 400 people have completed the  Dirt Factory survey, providing valuable insights and data for the business plan.

What next?

The Team are looking for partners who share the Dirt Factory ethos and want to contribute to the success of this exciting venture and get it running.

Whether you are looking to invest, take advantage of a sponsorship opportunity or would like to help in some other way, the Dirt Factory team would love to hear from you. 

So when do you think this could be live? 

We are aiming to open by October 2014 - obviously subject to securing investment.

How can folk share their support?

Please come like and check out our Facebook page and if you are interested in partnering, sponsoring or just getting involved please get in contact. 

All the details below.

Website: www.dirtfactory.org 
Follow us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Dirtfact 
Follow us on Twitter: @dirt_factory

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone:  07825381109

[Update August 2015]

  • Current launch target - May 2016
  • Approximately half the funding is secured. Crowdfunding campaign to go live in October 2015 (we will post when live)
  • Two properties under review in Greater Manchester.
  • Check out the video for visualisation of how the Dirt Factory indoor park could look.
  • They will be launching a crowdfunding campaign (target £200,000) on Feb 1st 2016.

[Update July 2016]

  • Full funding and more achieved
  • Acquiring a location


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