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From left to right: Rich, George and James. We are the core of Sheffield Bike Park, but as a community interest company the park is for YOU the riding community. Spread the word! We hope to be launching our crowd-funding campaign as soon as we have an agr
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Update from the SBP team: August 2017
(Updated: September 02, 2017)
We've been busy over the summer getting closer to our dream of all-weather facilities for MTB and BMX in South Yorkshire. Our goal of opening this coming autumn will now not be met as we have hit another legal complication with the building we were negotiating lease terms on, or to be more accurate, the land upon which that building was erected.

Anyone who has dealt with commercial property (or even just tried to buy a house) will probably feel our pain, but it is part and parcel of the process so we are not letting it dampen our spirits too much. The foundry building we wanted could be in limbo for anything up to two years whilst the legal wrangling over title deeds is played out; we have not given up on it and are still pushing for a solution, however the practical upshot is that we are back to looking for and at alternative sites.

With new sites come new possibilities for different terrain, methods of construction and scope of content. Our determination remains steadfast, and a recent “board meeting” in a very soggy Grenoside Woods (along with Met Office prediction that it will rain all August long) has reminded us how relevant the Bike Park will be all year round, not just for our cold and wet winters.
In the meanwhile, watch this space (and tell your friends!) as we move closer to the critical crowdfunding campaign, which we will launch just as soon as we have secured the Bike Park a home.
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