Important message on riding in Winterfold in the Surrey Hills

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S Updated August 01, 2017

Pedal & Spoke (bike shop in Peaslake) were invited to a meeting with the Winterfold Landowner. 

You may have noticed that many of the Winterfold trails in the Surrey Hills have started to be closed down. The attached picture shows action caused by a small minority of MTB riders who blocked his private driveway. The landowner and his family have also been subject to verbal abuse therefore he has felt it necessary to protect his family and land by reducing MTB traffic. He is not against MTB but with the increased vandalism and rudeness towards his family from riders they feel enough is enough. 

Can we please ask that you keep away from the main area of Winterfold and in doing so we may be able to keep the trails in the surrounding areas open. The landowner owns much of the areas surrounding Winterfold and we hope by reducing the traffic on Winterfold Estate we will maintain a good relationship with him and be able to continue to use the wider areas.  

The following trails will be closed:Switch Backs, 3 Amigos part 2/3, Twix/Drag Queen and All in One. We are hoping that we can re route Evian to the left as the bottom section will be closed and also 3 Amigos part 1 needs to be re routed. Please do not attempt to reroute a closed entrance or climb over any blockage put there.

If you find yourself on Winterfold Estates private road or a Public Footpath please make every effort to find alternative routes away from the area. Please can you share this with as many groups as you know and pin to the top of your pages.

There is a map attached that gives an indicative idea of the area to avoid but of course bridleways are allowed to ride on so long as horses and walkers are given priority. Maps will be available shortly from Pedal and Spoke at the shop and the area has a good number of private land signs up now to help navigate. 

iBikeRide were asked by the landowner to ensure our Surrey Hills listing on the site was updated accordingly a short while ago which we of course happily did.  


Indicative area you can't ride

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