Newcastleton to get it's own Bike Park

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I Updated March 11, 2016
Newcastleton to get it's own Bike Park

Newcastleton mountain bike trail centre are builing an all new BikePark. Newcastleton is one of the 7stanes trails and is close to the Scottish / English border.

It already consists of a blue, a red and a skills track. It will be managed and maintained by Rock UK, but open to the public riding the 7stanes trails.

The Bike Park will be a neat maze of trails designed by Collective Trax and built by them and Nith Valley Construction,

The main area consists of a climb with optional technical features, a blue grade flow trail, a blue grade dual slalom track, a red technical trail and a red drops trail. There is also a beginners loop with optional features for coaching, and a pump track to be built in the spring. Total of over 1600m of trail.

At present it is still closed as the weather has meant they can't compact it properly, so is due to open in the spring. So keep off until then! 

It was funded by the Sport Scotland commonwealth legacy fund, also Scottish Borders Council, and Rock UK who will manage and maintain it as its on their land.

You can check out all the trails and their pictures, videos and reviews at the Newcastleton listing on the iBikeRide site. 

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