QECP Trail Build Collective's 5 Year MTB Proposal

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S Updated January 15, 2016

The good folk of the QECP Trail Build Collective have just submitted to Hampshire County Council their proposal for the next 5 to 7 years to develop the MTB trail network in Queen Elizabeth Country Park. The insight and recommendations have come in a large part from a survey they did recently with local riders.

The proposal is a lot of work and 30 pages in detail. In summary the key exciting areas addressed in the proposal are as follows:

  • Red Trail Extension

  • Black Trail

  • Blue Trail Extension

  • Freeride Trail

  • Bike Wash

  • Pump Track & Skill Area

  • Bike Shop

  • QECP Collective Storage Area

  • Staunton Bike Trails

To reinforce these are just proposal and over a significant time period. Why not get involved and help the volunteer community make much of this happen over at their Facebook Page 

Please check out the QECP trail listing here on the iBikeRide site where you can read and share rider reviews, pictures, videos and tracks.

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