Stoughton Downhill are making their Black trail a TRUE Black

I Updated January 08, 2017
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Stoughton Downhill are making their Black trail a TRUE Black

We have just removed the following phrase ""All the features are rollable"" from the iBikeRide listing for 'The Vale' black trail at Stoughton Downhill

Basically The Vale is getting a 'Make Over, The Dig Team down at Stoughton feel from riding other trail centres over the last couple of years, that 'The Vale' isn't really a black run. Therefore they are going to make it a Black Run.

So what does that mean? Well some of the smaller tables will become gaps, the two drops before the berm by the seating area will become proper drops, which will not be roll-able.They will also be re-modelling the rock section, to make it rougher and bigger.

The top section of the track will be closed first (this will be from Wednesday 11th Jan). The track can still be ridden from below where they are working, please check before you ride. 

Personally I had only just started to nail this line so be interesting to see if it is now out of reach. Saying that though and even if it is the case there are two other awesome reds at Stoughton that have had significant upgrades in the last year so the park still has a really good progressive path for all abilities and so this is likely the right move. Thoughts?

Also whilst you are here please check out the Stoughton DH listing on the site and if you have ridden it then why not leave it a review or add some pics or videos to the listing. Thanks


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