#Tarland Trails2 gets approval to seek funding for their Planning Application

S Updated September 15, 2017
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#Tarland Trails2 gets approval to seek funding for their Planning Application

Tarland Trails is a neat 3km feature-packed set of trails in Aberdeenshire. They have a plan to extend and create a network of 30 km of trails. They call this second stage #Tarland Trails2.

Recently they completed their consultation, wrote it up and after a few revisions have gained approval from the Tarland Development Group to go ahead and seek funding for to cover the next phase which would be the cost of the planning application. 

The extensive consultation highlighted issues particularly with the location of the car park. The process has allowed an alternative to be identified. The plans have been revised, with a car park now as shown on the attached map. This car park location is significantly closer to Tarland and addresses (or minimises) 16 of the 28 identified negative points in the consultation report (see attached).

Over the next few months, they will seek funding (c£10,000) to enable a planning application and associated reports to be submitted to Aberdeenshire Council.

Everyone will once again have an opportunity to comment via the planning application process, whether against, neutral or in support, on the expansion of mountain trails on the outskirts of Tarland.

Whilst on the subject of Tarland just down the road in Aboyne there is a neat event coming up soon called the Hill of Fare Enduro on the weekend of the 30th September. Check it out. 



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