The Marin trail is no more! (in name only). Long live Gwydir Mawr and Gwydir Bach

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S Updated November 12, 2016
The Marin trail is no more! (in name only). Long live Gwydir Mawr and Gwydir Bach

The Marin trail name is no more! Now retired to the annals of Welsh mountain bike history. It still exists but under a new name and as a bonus it gets a new little version for when time is short, or you just want a quick blast.

The trail formerly known as the Marin, shall now be known as Gwydir Mawr with its smaller sibling, Gwydir Bach. Mawr is Welsh for big or large, bach means small. Gwydir is the name of the forest. 

Marin bikes donated the cash to waymark the trail 14 years ago in 2002. They were given the opportunity to renew, but after some discussions the opportunity is now open to others. The trail name would’ve changed anyway and be Gwydir Mawr ‘sponsored by’, ‘powered by’, or ‘supported by’ (add sponsors name here!). As an organisation Natural Resources Wales is facing large budget cuts over the next 3 years and so seeking alternative revenue streams may be more important than ever.

For 2016 the old faithful trail has seen the successful construction of the well received new section Dwsin Drwg. It now has a new name, new trail map panels, some new section names, new trail logo’s and a new shorter pint size version for that evening ride or instant fix!

Although I get the need for alternative funding as a MTB rider of over 15 years and having ridden the trail soon after it's 2002 waymarking this hit me with a pang of nostalgic sadness. Need to find out how you pronounce Gwydir Mawr now. Also please don't change the name of the MBR at coed y Brenin. 


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November 12, 2016
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Pronouncing new name
Colin Down from FlatTyres MTB Guiding advises me the new name is pronounced G-wid-ear More.
Ta Colin
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