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Trail Talk - Pants deal for Glentress, New Builds everywhere and more!
S stumpy_dan   Updated July 29, 2017 1897   0   1   0   0
Welcome to Trail Talk. In this regional round up we cover what looks like a worrying deal for Glentress, some great new awesome builds in Falkirk, Glasgow, Leeds, South London, Llangollen and Dublin and some very sad news in the Surrey Hills. ...
Swinley Forest Re-Opens Tank Traps and Blue 14
S stumpy_dan   July 23, 2017 1386   0   2   0   0
Swinley Forest has re-opened Tank Traps for the rest of the season and also the tree felling work has complete on Blue 14 so go fill your boots. 
Helter Skelter Re-Opens Revamped at Thetford Forest
S stumpy_dan   July 22, 2017 1712   0   5   0   0
Helter Skelter on the Lime Burner (RED) trail at Thetford Forest is now open again. They have resurfaced the trail, repaired berms as well altering the exit. The last straight and exit berm are much improved and it is by all accounts fast and flowy.
New Double-Black track at One Giant Leap Llangollen to open 29th July
S stumpy_dan   Updated July 22, 2017 1554   0   1   0   0
A new track has been unveiled at One Giant Leap Llangollen in North Wales. The build has been led by Brian Mundy (from Ride Portugal track builders)
Jack's Track a new Freeride trail opens in Falkirk
S stumpy_dan   July 22, 2017 2352   1   1   0   0
Jack's Track is a new Freeride section of trail that has opened in Falkirk by the team at Bespoke Community Development. Found in Auchengean this new section is for highly skilled riders with advanced riding skills. It has compulsory gaps jumps and large drops with no chicken runs. ...
Is the Glentress £11.3m investment a pants deal for Mountain Bikers?
S stumpy_dan   Updated August 02, 2017 11372   0   1   0   0
It's been interesting seeing the new business models for trails spring up in the last few years especially as European funding has been drying up and austerity cuts have eroded most would be UK investment Not unsurprisingly the private sector is stepping in. The recently announced £11.3m investment...
Mountain Biker Dies After MTB Accident Near Leith Hill.
S stumpy_dan   Updated July 29, 2017 4267   0   2   0   0
It is with great sadness that we have heard reported that Mark King a much-loved husband and father has died after a mountain biking accident near Leith Hill. Mark King, 56, known as "Kinger" to his friends at Dorking RFC, died on Sunday (July 16) following...
565 results - showing 51 - 100
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