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As i said, good if you are in the area but I thought I had to put a more realistic review up, to be graded near 5 out of 5 against much much better trail centres is a bit of a joke.

I have rode in Scotland more times this year than I have rode in Rostrever trails, and with Rossy being only a 50 minute drive from me should tell you all you need!

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Good Points
Its Local, good for a loop if you are in the area.
It has a few fun parts towards the end.
Nice Cafe & some showers etc being installed at the minute.
Bad Points
Lots I am sorry to say.
Straight out of the car park you have a real boring fire road climb, it would put a lot of people off the full loop, it is long and fairly steep and could have been avoided by putting an interesting singletrack climb.

Most of the trail side is littered with stupid large rocks which when the grass grows around them are near impossible to see which makes even the smallest mistake a costly one.

Far to many silly 'breaking?' bumps and badly placed rock gardens, just ruin any flow you can get.

As for the DH trails, they just are not worth the push/pedal/uplift up, most local riders will stick to the older natural DH trails.

Uplift service needs a lot of work on the trailers, the driver is a great guy and good craic but the trailers are badly made and bikes/forks etc get marked.
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