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Dalbeattie beat me
(Updated: November 12, 2014)
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Dalbeattie is not like other trails. I thought it be rocky like the Lakes. It takes rocky to a new level. It's probably the most technical red trail I have ridden. I was a bit shocked at first by the unusual terrain and it took me a while to get me trail groove on and warm up. Probably would have been a good idea to have done the taster loop first to acclimatise. Once you get used to the unique terrain you get a great sense of achievement either on ups or down (which are all very short) from nailing the technical trail features thrown at you. It's pedally and the facilities very limited although there is a car park, toilets and free bike wash. I found some of the descents a bit wasted (I.e. they could have more features) and overall it is more a trail that you get a sense of achievement rather than one that gives you the grin factor.

I also think this trail more than any in the UK is about line choice. The line choice is not always obvious so you need to really focus. I'd like to follow a local another time and I sense the second time would be very different to the first on this type of trail. Second time round I'll have my seat post dropper on too which would help here as otherwise its a constant faff.

I broke my rear mech hanger half way round and did bad maintenance for a bit and had to abort eventually. Was a shame I was just starting to really enjoy it and starting to find some flow in my riding. Was a very long walk back so I will need to come back soon and probably update my review.

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Loads of technical trail features
Free bike wash
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Very pedallly
Lacks flow
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