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Mabie 2015 Local perpective
(Updated: June 06, 2015)
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As has been mentioned in earlier reviews Mabie Red is not the hardest trail centre you will do but it does have some rewarding downhill sections especially The Ridge, Decender Bender 1&2, Stans Pond and the Elevator Rock Garden. I enjoy a bit of climbing so don't mind the climbs required for maximum enjoyment going down. The blue is an easy ride on mainly fire roads. However, the blue climb does offer a challenge to a beginner.

Winter night riding is much more rewarding as the walkers paths are available. Some of the sections here are excellent and allow for a real mixture of riding. There are also lots of natural trials that have been developed by the locals which do offer variation but these are not marked anywhere so local knowledge is required. Mabie forest is far more extensive than the bit at the trail centre. There is a link road down at Lochaber Loch which gives access to another part of the wood. There are lots of natural trails down there especially at Troston Hill and Waterloo Tower. So if you are there for the day do the red in the morning and do a bit of exploration in the afternoon.

Mabie House Hotel offers good food and drink.
Bad Points
The darkside is permanently closed so don't bother with that. Also the 'Shed' cafe/bikeshop is closed except for a few weeks in the summer holidays. Not sure if you can even hire a bike nowadays.
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