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Inners red route
(Updated: August 24, 2016)
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Pulled into car park and at 8am it was already busy so we knew this place would be worth it! We geared up then started the climb. Damn was it technical but at the same time it was enjoyable. Alot of rocks and step ups. Couple of descents early on with big options on them and also easier lines for the less experienced. However my mate went of all the big options with me and he is a reletive newby to mtb.The climb up to minch moor seemed to go on and on, it was rocks nearly all the way and by the time we were at the top we felt exhausted. Lovely place to stop and rest though. Now the fun parts, the descent from minch  just seems to last forever and is so much fun. Very fast with the right amount of rocks, rollers, jumps and drops thrown in. After a couple of sections and you stop and look back up at minch moor it's hard to believe how you have come so far down so quickly! The small black loop that comes off was nice and technical. Alot of rocks. Worth doing definitely. My mate did the red option there and said that was brilliant as well.Then we get to caddon bank. It joins up here with the downhill trails. I was enjoying it as I want over the first 4 features, then the 3rd drop off.... bigger than the others. Didn't carry my speed, nosed in a bit and went flying off the bike down the trail! Alot of blood and later needed 9 stiches.I rolled some more of caddon bank until I then got a puncture! (We rode on friday 13th) So I walked the rest. Gutted as it looked awesome! My mate managed to ride it and was grinning ear to ear when I cought up with him. The git. Going to come back and finish the job

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Good Points
Epic trails, going both up and down
Close to Innerleithen
Big car park
Bad Points
No on site facilities except a portaloo
Needed 9 stiches after big crash caddon bank
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