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avoid the dogs, their poo, the owners and the horses
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great views and a cracking variety to this trail- its a red with blue and black sections with some real technical climbing, fast swooping downhills, gnarly roots, rising and falling fast trails through forest, exposed rock sections, drop offs of varying difficulty the actual trail is excellent though short. the shortness actually helps you since you get to repeat and polish up your line again soon enough. parking is plentiful and free although there are no other facilities so pack well. some of the trails aren't well marked out and at times its hard to work out which way is next until you are familiar with the course. that said, once i learnt the course i have found it very rewarding. an excellent facility to leave after the games, i wonder though how much priority is going into maintaining it.
I'm going to mention the dog poo again. I'm sick of having s**t splashes up my back, in my linkage and on my water bottle! I've come home from here stinking and with a stinking bike this is one area where a real effort could be made

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this would be a great track were you able to get a uninterrupted run. get up right early otherwise dogs and walkers all over the bike runs especially on a good day.
cracking views, some great technical sections and plenty variety to the bike runs
good parking
Bad Points
big signs saying no trail biking on walking routes but what about dogs and their owners on bike sections? i have never been able to get a fast run round this mountain bike track because of other non bike users, despite the fact that there are far more walking trails.
every time I've been on it I've been sprayed with dog poo but the horse ones are easier to see.
poor signposting at times, poorly delineated trails too in place
no facilities
too much dog poo, dog owners and horse s**t at times spoil a good track- difficult to do a timed run
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